Give to Bags of Hope

Bags of Hope is a project of One Less, the Orphan Care Ministry of His Providence Church. Bags of Hope is not a non-profit organization... but, if you would like to give to this project, you can click the "DONATE" link below and you will be re-directed to an eGiving webpage for His Providence Church.


$25= 1 Duffle Bag filled with comfort items and mongrammed for a local Foster Child.

There are many other needs that we have beyond the cost of the bags in-order to make Bags of Hope work so that we can be a blessing to our foster children- as well as the rest of our community. If you feel led to give above and beyond a bag for a child, here is a list of needs we have at this time:

-Lease/Rent ($1,000/month) We do not have our own space at this time and have had to rent for the last couple of years. His Providence Church has been able to provide some space for us to use but this will be a need in the future.

-Trailer ($5,000) It takes tremendous organization, time, and an awesome team to put all of this together! It also takes a caravan of vehicles to travel to many DCF/DCYF offices to deliver bags throughout the holiday season. A trailer will be a great help in relieving some of the time constraints and the amount of cars and drivers necessary when delivering duffle bags.

-Office Supplies: There are many things that are not accounted for financially that are used to make this machine run smoothly... tape, pens, wrapping paper... lots and lots of wrapping paper...cardstock tags, lables, and many more items. We also print postcards and brochures to promote Bags of Hope in all the places we are invited to share. We have been blessed to have a couple churches and individuals give above and beyond to Bags of Hope and it has helped offset this cost. But as we grow, so do the running costs.

-Food (for social workers) Even though our focus is to bring dignity and hope to children in foster care though bags filled with belongings they can call their own and by letting them know they are loved, we also do our best to be a blessing to the social workers as well. Day after day, these men and women work tirelessly to make sure our kiddos are fed, clothed, cared for, educated, and healthy... while developing a permanency plan... and working with the bio-parents... and also caring for their own family! When we deliver the duffle bags to the DCF/DCYF offices, we bring lunch for the workers to let them know how much they are appreciated! Usually the only time we hear about them is when something goes wrong. But usually, the majority of the time, things go well... times dozens of workers who take on 20-30+ cases at a time... which means taking on the well-being of 30-50+ kids at any given moment!!

-Monthly Recurring Gifts: This year we are adding the option to make your giving a recurring, monthly gift. For just $25/month, you will provide 12 children with a beautiful, embroidered duffle bag to put their belongings in- replacing the trash bag that they have been carrying around. Partner with us to bring dignity to these children that are in a very traumatic and vulnerable time in their lives.


Thank you for your generosity and God Bless!

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Phone: 774.319.2163